Sunday Musings: Kings focused on finding joy, fresh start in 2022-23

Can the Kings forget the past and move forward?

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Find your joy. 

This seems like something out of a self help book, but at the NBA level, it’s easy to lose your joy. Years of failing slowly eats away at your basketball soul and turns a game into a job.

It’s a high paying job, even for minimum contract guys like KZ Okpala and Chima Moneke, who earned spots on the Kings’ final roster on Saturday. But for a player like De’Aaron Fox, who has seen his team go 158-232 over his five seasons in Sacramento, stacking losses can take a toll. 

The same can be said for veterans Harrison Barnes and Richaun Holmes, but now entering his sixth season in Sacramento, Fox is the longest tenured Kings player. He is on his second general manager, fourth head coach and come opening night, he will have suited up with somewhere around 75 different players in the regular season. 

The only thing stable in Sacramento has been instability, but it feels like that has been changing this offseason. Can the Kings forget the past, allow themselves a fresh start and move forward with a new identity?

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