Mother's Day Musings

Taking a break from coaching search to focus on what is important

First and foremost, I want to wish everyone a happy Mother's Day. This is a special day and the last thing anyone should be doing is sitting down and reading a long form piece on the Sacramento Kings from The Kings Beat.

This day means something different to everyone, but for me, it is a day to celebrate my mother and my wife. This year also happens to be one of those rare years where my oldest son's birthday falls on Mother's Day, so it's a double celebration at the Ham household.

As for the coaching search, all sources point to it being a two-man race between Mike Brown and Mark Jackson. Both are currently working in the playoffs, which complicates things like announcements and press conferences. 

While everyone would love to see the hire announced sooner rather than later, keep in mind that this is a special day for mothers everywhere. If it doesn't happen today, that is a good thing.

The hiring of one of these candidates will happen in the next day or two. Instead of gluing yourself to your phone or computer today, spend some time connecting to family, friends, neighbors or strangers. 

Lastly, I will end with a fun story about my Saturday to make all of you laugh. I had to help my son move his pontoon boat th he built with my father for his senior project, to a new dock space this weekend. It should have been a two minute job, but my son accidentally knocked something off his boat and into the water while backing out and I went to help retrieve it. 

In my attempt to save an umbrella, my iPhone slipped out of my pocket and into the lake. By the time I heard the plop, it was already too late. It wasn't in a deep area, but the silt at the bottom of the lake instantly swallowed my phone.

I spent the next few hours digging through silt and muck trying to find my phone, with no luck. At the same time, I was so focused on what was below water, not above, I missed the sun coming out. 

Now I have no phone and a bright red back from the sun. I will pay dearly for both of these mistakes in the coming days. 

The timing couldn't be worse, but it might be a blessing in disguise. I will spend today at the movies watching a double feature with my family, which is where I should be. I have a backup phone, in case of emergency, but if I don't jump right on a coaching hire, if it happens today, then please accept my apology in advance. 

Put your phone on mute or just toss it in a lake. Thank you for supporting The Kings Beat and have a wonderful Mother's Day. 

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