Should Kings consider potential fit with De'Aaron Fox with No. 4 pick?

Draft coverage continues as we march towards June 23rd

James Ham
June 02, 2022

Welcome to another edition of The Kings Beat Podcast. The Kings Beat is a subscriber based independent news source with more than a decade of experience covering the Sacramento Kings as credentialed media. Please consider supporting independent content, such as this, with a premium subscription.

Fox 40's Sean Cunningham, Brenden Nunes from the Kings Pulse Podcast and The Kings Beat's James Ham join forces for coverage of the erratic Sacramento Kings.

Topics include the start of NBA Finals, Kings options at No. 4, whether they should make the selection with De'Aaron Fox in mind, is there a trade down option that makes sense and another edition of the business of basketball. 

Thanks for joining us on this new adventure! Big shoutout to Paul Jinkerson (@paulitition) for creating a new intro and outro for the podcast and to Brenden Nunes for creating our new overlay for the podcast.


0:00 - Introducing The Kings Beat Podcast

3:00 - Sean heads to the 2022 NBA Finals

7:00 - Is Nemanja Bjelica the Warriors x-factor?

13:00 - What are we looking forward to from the Finals?

19:10 - Brenden believes in Boston

21:15 - Shout out to Marc Spears

25:25 - Should Kings consider fit at No. 4?

34:45 - When should Kings stop concerning themselves with potential fit with Fox?

39:40 - Talent wins out

42:30 - Keegan Murray at No. 4?

45:00 - Is there a potential trade scenario that outweighs selecting Ivey?

49:50 - What would an Ivey selection mean for Donte DiVincenzo?

53:45 - The Richaun Holmes situation on the court

1:00:40 - The Business of Basketball

1:02:15 - Is John Collins enough to move up to No. 4?

1:09:15 - Final thoughts and goodbyes

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