Introducing The Kings Beat Podcast, Episode 1

Breaking down the Kings first three games of the season


After more than a year away, ESPN 1320's Kings Insider James Ham makes his return to podcasting. News 10's Sean Cunningham joins the show as the two long time reporters join forces to break down the current state of the Sacramento Kings.

Topics include the Kings start to the season, De'Aaron Fox's early struggles, Davion Mitchell's early impact, the disappearance of Marvin Bagley and some incredible Cunningham stories from his 20 years of Kings coverage.

Thanks for joining us on this new adventure! Intro music and more to come.

0:00 - Welcome in and an introduction to The Kings Beat podcast.

2:45 - Introducing News 10's Sean Cunningham as the new co-host of The Kings Beat podcast.

7:00 - Early thoughts on Kings' 1-2 start to the season.

10:40 - Redefining what depth means for the 2021-22 Kings roster and where De'Aaron Fox fits in.

16:15 - Introduction to Davion Mitchell.

23:30 -Continuation of Mitchell discussion and what's next for rookie guard.

33:30 - Cunningham, George Karl and the ultimate disrespect.

34:30 - Marvin Bagley, out of the rotation.

40:40 - Bagley and the qualifying offer.

54:40 - "The Business of Basketball," the LeBron James story.

102:00 - Singing Teddy Bear with Olden Polynice.

103:10 - Dusty Baker and the raggedy-ass baseball.

105:30 - Thank you and goodbye.

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